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We've noticed listed advisors trying to cram their company logos onto their personal profiles and, to be honest, they don't always look good. Now you have an opportunity to upload your Firm Logo and have it displayed in all its glory on your own ready-made firm page.


  • DOUBLE your real estate on our site. Increase exposure and improve your firm's online rankings. You get your own separate permanent and dedicated URL for your Firm Page in addition to your Personal Profile Page.
  • EASY - all you need to do is upload your firm logo, agree to the additional payment, and your firm page will appear! All of its content is pulled through the principal member's profile.
  • DISPLAY THE "FIRM ACTIVATED" AWARD - By activating your Firm Page you automatically get an award logo (see below) displayed on your profile page, and also displayed alongside your name on our Search Results pages (see more on Advisor Awards).

  • PROMOTE ALL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS - Once your firm page is activated you can prominently share your social media profiles. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo and Pinterest are all supported. This feature is not available on financial advisor Personal Profile Pages, only on an activated Firm Page. 

  • LOGO + PROFILE PIC - Displaying your firm logo on your individual proflie page is not optimal. Besides not displaying big enough, our stats consistently show us that advisors with mug shots on their individual profile pages get better responses. By activating your firm page you get the best of both - a full width firm logo plus profile photos. 
  • ALL YOUR FIRM MEMBER'S IN ONE PLACE - If you have more than one member listed from your firm they will all be featured on your Firm Page - with their individual profile pics and links to their individual profile pages.
  • OPTIMISE your online footprint for BOTH your personal name as an advisor AND your firm name. Many search engine users search for (for example) "accounting firm Northcliff" as opposed to "advisor Northcliff".
  • HIGH-QUALITY INCOMING LINK If you have your own website listed on your Firm Profile Page (which it will automatically be if its on your Personal Profile Page) your website will get an SEO boost from both your Personal and Firm Page (double the boost!)
  • A "STICKY" PAGE - In online marketing you want people to stick around on your page, not click away from it. Pages designed with this in mind are called "sticky" pages. Your firm page has been designed with very few outgoing links and distractions to other parts of our website, so visitors are more likely to pay attention and read all your info. 
  • COMING SOON - additional exlusive Firm Page features including a gallery to upload more pics, and a customizable section in which you can do whatever you like.


Q Is Findanadvisor moving away from the "personal flavour" it has always championed where clients "deal with people - not Corporations"?

A Not at all. We will never list a firm without first listing a principal member for that firm. Neither will firms appear in the usual "Find an advisor" search results. 

Q I already have my Firm logo on my personal page, what's in it for me?

A You can still have your Firm logo on your profile page if you wish. However we would strongly suggest you rather use a personal pic - our stats have consistently shown that advisors with personal photos get more, higher quality enquiries. Besides... Your personal pic will look a lot better when you appear on our home page as a "Featured advisor" (some of the logos are so squashed you can't even read them)

Why the extra cost?

A We have not increased our subs for over 5 years and web development is not cheap. Rather than just increase our subs we thought we'd offer something extra and totally optional.