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Without doubt, the page that we are most proud of on our entire website:

"We're very happy with the site so far and have picked up about 5 good clients from it"
Stuart Conan, Financial Planner

"My response rate has been about 1 enquiry a month. However, I close on all these enquiries, as they are high quality clients who need something specific and do not beat about the bush. Your site is cost effective advertising and I believe anyone who is anybody in the financial advisory field should be on it."
- Ingrid Denzin, Certified Financial Planner

"My details have been with FindanAdvisor for a quite a while and I think
it is a great tool in attracting the right client to your business."
Gert Britz, Old Mutual Financial Advisor

"Thanks again for the excellent service"
- Ivan Moskoff. Independent Financial Advisor. mdrt member 2008 - court of the table

"The feedback from your web site is very good, I receive about 1 prospect per week generating say R1 500 out of the lead. I am therefore highly grateful for your service and see it in a very professional light. My own web site is not as successful as yours has been"
Marius de Waal, ABSA Broker

"The response has been encouraging. I managed to close a deal with a good client and the fees and commission I earned compensated for my subscription costs with your organisation. I am happy with what I get from you."
Rakokwane Maloka, Insurance Broker

"We have been getting a good response which has made it well worth it."
Jeff Stephton, CFP

"Thank you! I have had 2 calls to date of which I wrote a medical aid on the one and a
life cover plus r.a. plus R1m investment on the other!! Works for me!"

- Financial Advisor, Gauteng

"I think that this is fantastic and also shows that your site attracts high quality clients. Well done - time will surely make it a premium product."
- Financial Advisor Durban

"We got a fantastic lead so yes we will continue and we will pay the whole year upfront. Watch your account we will transfer soon"
- Financial Advisor Cape Town

"I am in the process of doing a full financial plan for my first "find an advisor" client who found my details on your website. The calibre client is great, I look forward to many more clients like this.
- Financial Advisor, JHB.

"Incredible response two days ago, the wife called for an appointment, and the couple saw me today, assets of 12 million, very very neglected in all aspects of their portfolio, just an awesome 2 hours in my office this morning resolving and solidifying some very good prospects for the future! Looks like we'll be working together and will benefit both parties substantially."
- Financial Advisor, Cape Town

"We are very pleased with the hits so far; Mark has been booked to speak at a seminar in January and I do believe that it is from our listing on your site."
- Financial Advisor, Pietermaritzburg

- Financial Advisor, Durban

"I have done one financial plan for a gentleman who came to see me from Stellenbosch and there is a possibility of future investment flows. I am grateful for the work that you have put in"
- Financial Advisor, Cape Town

"Thank you for your high levels of service"
- Advisor, Port Elizabeth


*Original copies of all of these testimonials are available for inspection