A Selection of the Best PRETORIA Financial Advisors


Mr. Arno Burger

SPECIALITY: Arno Burger CFP® Post Graduate in Financial Plannig. Specialising in Investment Strategies, Instruments and ideal blending of Investment Portfolio Structures
  • Business Assurance,Estate Planning,Group Schemes,Investments,Life and Disability,Offshore Investment,Retirement
Unicorn Insurance Brokers
Moreleta Park

Mrs. Cheryl Salzwedel

SPECIALITY: Commercial and domestic insurance with a personal touch.
  • Short-term insurance
T & E FinOps (Pty) Ltd

Mrs. Esme Theron

SPECIALITY: We specialise in being your #1 One-stop financial service.
  • Retirement,Life and Disability,Investments,Offshore Investment,Short-term insurance,Medical schemes,Group Schemes,Business Assurance,Estate Planning
Succession Financial Planning (Pty)Ltd

 Dorothy Roux

SPECIALITY: I have 25 years experience in commercial and individual insurance. I also have vast experience in the banking industry .
  • Medical schemes,Short-term insurance,Business Assurance
Olive Tree Solutions

Mrs. Elzette Brits

SPECIALITY: Income Protection is our top priority in helping you to reach your financial goals. Your income is your most valuable asset. Visit our website for all services.
  • Retirement,Life and Disability,Investments,Medical schemes,Group Schemes,Business Assurance,Estate Planning
Accredinet Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Faerie Glen

 Ettienne Vorster

SPECIALITY: Long-term investing for retirement or a special goal. Helping you be and stay a confident investor. Allow me to show you how. In 4 steps…It starts with you, your unique story.
  • Retirement,Investments
Borland Financial Services - FIRSTGLOBAL GROUP
La Lucia

Mrs Dee Sunny

SPECIALITY: Medical Schemes, Life & Disability
  • Life and Disability,Medical schemes

 Sieg Prigge

SPECIALITY: Investment & Retirement Management, Corporate Cash Investing, Shareholder Buy & Sell Insurance, KeyMan Insurance, Corporate Provident/Pension Fund, 2nd Opinions
  • Retirement,Investments,Estate Planning,Life and Disability,Short-term insurance,Business Assurance,Offshore Investment,Group Schemes
FC Wealth and Investments

 Fanie Jansen Van Vuuren

SPECIALITY: Investments and retirement planning
  • Retirement,Life and Disability,Investments,Offshore Investment,Group Schemes,Business Assurance,Estate Planning