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See full profile: Bedfordview Financial Advisor- Mauritz Joubert


Were you always planning to be a Financial Advisor and why?

No, I only new that I wanted to be a business owner and that I enjoyed working with other people. After University I started working for Liberty Group and never looked back.


When meeting with clients do they mostly come to your own premises or do you mostly go their theirs?

I mostly go to my clients


What is your preferred mode of communication with your clients?

Email, Phone, Face to Face


Have you ever done an online video call with a client?



What do you love most about being a financial advisor

I am constantly learning new ways of doing things and working with people; I enjoy solving problems and being a financial adviser there are constantly some kind of problem that requires solving.


Would you recommend becoming a financial advisor as a career for school-leavers, and why?

I would for people leaving school will now have the opportunity to learn a trade (I see being a financial adviser as a trade). The more you do it the better you will become the younger you start the better.


What qualities should South Africans be looking for in their financial advisor?

The same quality you would want in a true friend. Someone that will assist you because they want to assist you; someone that is truthful even if you don't want to hear what they need to say at that time. Someone that you trust will provide you with the correct advise at all times.


What is the biggest challenge facing financial advisors today?

Their own minds and overcoming the negative environment created by the media.


What aspects of financial advising do you focus on most?

I believe that all aspects are very important, however it all starts at home and every husband,father,wife,mother or person that have people relying on them should have a Will (what will happen to the Estate) thereafter should the solutions be found.


Describe your average client:

Hard-working people that are concerned of what the future holds the unknown; people that want to hold on to the little money they currently have for the little joy's in life. People that are scared to talk about the reality of maybe not being here tomorrow or not having money when they retire; people that have a misconception of how long they will be able to keep on working; people that forget how fast all reality can be changed.


How far away from your premises is your furthest client?



From your financial advising experience, if you could cite one of the biggest reasons financial goals, what would it be?

Unrealistic goals and expectations


What financial software do you like best?


What other software, online services or apps do you use?

I use whatever is to my availability


Do you think the coming wave of automation in the next few years will steal some financial advisor jobs and why/why not?

No, with new technology new opportunities arise.


What is your opinion on Bitcoin?

It is lasting longer than I expected and that only time will tell where it is going and where it will end.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Currently I study, When I don't study spending time with my wife and family.


What is the most interesting thing on your bucket list?

Buying a house in Italy.