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Were you always planning to be a Financial Advisor and why?

No. I first studied law and became an attorney. After having being introduced to the field of financial planning by my first financial advisor and realising the beautiful connection between law and financial planning; I almost immediately fell in love with the field. Then, after doing some saving, I made the best decision I have ever made and left the legal fraternity and became a financial advisor. I love it so much that I am currently doing a postgraduate diploma specializing in financial planning law and will one day soon become a certified financial planner (CFP).

When meeting with clients do they mostly come to your own premises or do you mostly go their theirs?

I mostly go to my clients

What is your preferred mode of communication with your clients?

Email, Face to Face

Have you ever done an online video call with a client?


What do you love most about being a financial advisor 

Giving advice and getting to know my clients.

Would you recommend becoming a financial advisor as a career for school-leavers, and why?

No. I would recommend that you first get a degree and at least have a year’s working experience before entering into this profession. Mainly because, you need to have additional experience, the desire to learn and to have a back-up plan should this industry not work out for you.

What qualities should South Africans be looking for in their financial advisor?

Patience, integrity and most importantly attention to detail.

What is the biggest challenge facing financial advisors today?

Other advisors. Unfortunately, the industry is saturated with those seeking a quick buck and aren't in the industry for its main purpose - to help clients.

What aspects of financial advising do you focus on most?

Investment and asset management, Risk management (short term and long term insurance), Tax planning, Retirement planning, Estate planning.

Describe your average client: 

Someone who is serious about their future.

How far away from your premises is your furthest client?

300 km's. Limpopo.

From your financial advising experience, if you could cite one of the biggest reasons financial goals, what would it be?

Impatience. South Africans can be very quick to make a decision but they have difficulty in sticking with the plan.

What financial software do you like best?


What other software, online services or apps do you use? 


Do you think the coming wave of automation in the next few years will steal some financial advisor jobs and why/why not?

It might steal a Brokers job but a financial advisor who does proper planning and gives proper advice will be in greater demand, especially those who are independent.

What is your opinion on Bitcoin?

This would be a very long discussion involving macro economics and supply and demand but briefly put: right now it is as good as going to the casino, but in future, it will most probably be regulated and will be in the same asset class as a share.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Create YouTube videos and a bit of Xbox here and there.

What is the most interesting thing on your bucket list?

Driving from the East to West coast of North America.

What has your experience been on FindanAdvisor?

Easy to use and innovative.